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The COVID-19 outbreak has left a significant impact on almost every industry and the Korean media industry was no exception. According to a 2020 Media Report by Korea Press Foundation, 84.2% of newspaper and magazine businesses said they are experiencing a state of financial crisis. The situation is even more dire for daily and weekly newspapers and they have been suffering a dramatic dip in advertising revenue from last year.

In addition to that, the Korean media is also grappling with low credibility rates among local audiences. According to the Digital…

What do you know about the media landscape in Korea? Regardless of your advanced concepts, it’s changing tremendously. As South Korea is a world leader in Internet connectivity, it boasts one of the fastest average connection speeds. To put this into perspective, digital media and mobile devices are the major factors of change for the media environment. The influence of web portals for the news environment is growing tremendously. Social media is becoming a critical pathway for finding, sharing and reading news.

Here are the latest key aspects of the media landscape in Korea. This blog post would be useful…

South Korea was one of the worst-hit countries in the early stages of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak outside China. Fortunately, the virus spread is now largely under control, thanks to effective government measures such as providing timely and transparent updates to the public, the use of self-diagnosis smartphone apps and swift implementation of a large-scale screening regime.

Like many other countries, South Korea’s battle against COVID-19 has affected a wide range of industries, including communications and media. PR Newswire has been closely monitoring how South Korea media has been impacted by the health crisis. …

Hwajin Choi

Media & PR professional in South Korea

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